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Monday, May 2, 2011

mikienguerilla is back on the track after missing in action..:)

i'm finally back on the track..after a while been away for my final year stuff..now will be updating more and more recent activities on art scene which keeps me alive all the time and my heart grew bigger:).i once kept in my box of mind these quote:

‘Life without industry is sin and industry without art brutality’ –John Ruskin 

this is what fated and chosen not by anyone but me.myself and i.i decided to stick and obey myself to venture into this art scene.i remembered a long time ago(flashback haha..) when my tuition teacher was teaching mathematics,i was daydreaming in my world and starts to doodles on my math book.each page i would draw a smily face with different smiling style and sketching some random images.on top of that,i get caught and was scolded by my teacher for doing so..she called it 'vandalisme' i'm like what on eart are u thinking?art is what u called as vandalisme..the doodling that my teacher brags about to me  is what i would have thought of :

“Ruin is a gift, it is the way to transformation.” 
 is not a rubbish,or a crap nonsense stuff but art is a gift,not a duty.i felt like it fits me and it nevers burdens me as how i would feel like to learn maths and seeing all kinds of calculations and formula just makes it even worst for me to cope with..then on, i knew what does it bring me to stay through and still keeping up with art.As i grew older,i practically adapting more knowledge gets in deeper into art as a whole mean.how we think related to how we learn when learning is understood as thinking,it is a process not a product,and i do find that impossible is possible in art,expect the unexpected,the is no right or right in art,logical or not logical and it's always spread and developed,keep changing according to the changes of art mainstream.To me,i never says art is the  easiest way out of strictly obey rules and regulation about life but at least rather have it as an option rather than not...there's so much to see.so much to do..and it keeps moving on and on without a FULLSTOP.yup! it does comes and go but yet it never gets bored there's so much that the art scene world  could offers.i'm glad till now i still choose ART as my antidote that cures me:)

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