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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

acad,iris and adeek:mikien bestest friends!!!!

im the oldest brother among these two.my name is acad im 15 years old.im a special cat because i had spinal attack when i was a baby kitten.but that doesn't stops me from living normally like other cats out there.mikien really love me and care for my needs.in fact im the smartest n most fierceful brother towards adeek and iris because they were my family left.eventhough i couldn't walk normal,but my strength n spirits keeps me move on.i was lucky i not like other stray cats out there.thanks to mikien i still alive up until today.

my name : adeek(100% male)
age : m owezz baby all time

how mikien found me?well,the story begins when she went to a pet's special care house own by this lady i can't remember her name,but she's such a lovely lady.anyway,one fine day mikien drop off my brother acad to these place because she plans to go off somewhere for about 2 weeks.then,after two weeks she cameback to pick up acad.suddenly,she stares at me and smile saying 'this fluffy kitten is such adorable' i was busy playing with my sisters.mikien was talking to this lady was hoping to adopt me.i was really glad she wants me but sadly i had to leave my siblings too.so i stayed in her mansion with my brother acad.i grew up up until now until mikien brought back home another stray cat lil iris...then all my privileged went off.i had to give and take with her but somehow 3 of us managed to live happily in one mansion:)

my name:iris
mikien found me on a construction garbage and turn me into monchetts meow!it's ike a miracle makeover.Mikien and her family took care of me very well it's such a blessed for me.now m living happily in mikien's kitty galore.im 100% female and mix breed.i've been pampered a lot by mikien and her family.

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