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Monday, October 11, 2010

clay:life and soul

well…welll..welll tadaaa!!!ooo yeap…nuttin more interesting than understanding ur own artwork.this is actually my ceramic teapot sculpture back in those days schooling at UiTM Seri Iskandar branches…at first i wasn’t a big fan of these clay thinggy…i find it difficult to exxagerate & play with the form coz it’s messy n the passion was 0% empty..later on once i got motivated by dedicated lecturers never gives up in giving knowledge until i caught up myself n totally felt in love with these friendly enviroment medium…it speaks if u listen n they will listen to ur needs if u hv chemistry with clay.(tanah liat in malay wording).u just need to all the time patience is d key to create wondrous piece of artwork..talks about my parents they were very supportive in what field i took to them it doesn’t matter as long as u know how to lead ur way n future later on..so i stick with the choice to stay close with ceramic field..i never regret at all for choosing this i gave me freedom to express what i feel thru out all…it never stops me frm thinking outside the box n be diff frm normal stuff u’ve seen everyday…so the next photo was my jewellery sculpture which i get the inspiration frm cleopatra era i get soo mesmerized to see her standing strong as queen of egypt..the spirit of her driven me to create masterpiece replica of what’s goin on around her..i owez put this in my mind at all time: in art not only talks in terms of intraesthetics but related also the extraaesthetics factor u get the answer as a whole to what u need to know:)to be continued further…:0

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