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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

old time favourite!

converse design mmg sleek and funky.Eventhough my age is getting 'YOUNGER' each and everyday i went through this piece of my life lives with me since 2007 until now.almost 4 years daa kasut ni..One of my darlingg favourite:)nak kata boyfriend pun boley gak la..hehe!bestfriend always!!!ermm..i matches almost any bj yg i nak pakai..so simply amazing..i bought it kat sarawak..first time jumpe love at first sight,immediately grab it!hehe..and yup still loyal smp la now:)i did some doodling pattern on these shoes well my hand super itch grab fabric marker n walla!i create mine!anyway..my parents sumtymes nags gak telling me to wear more like adult heels,platform,wedges and all..i do have them mostly wedges..tapi in d end still i choose u mishta converse!!!easy nak move about..lasak..pendek kata...superb!

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